Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm workin on - Doxallo Designs

Rings, Rings, Rings

And yes -

MORE rings.

I seem to go through periods where I create particular items of jewelry and right now I am definitely in a ring period.

Big Time.

I am working in two collections: "Secret Garden" and "Waves"

The Secret Garden Rings follow a theme in my work that explores life and the intersection between our public and private journeys. These rings are microcosms that reflect the quiet reflective parts of our lives.

Secret Garden Ring, Sterling Silver and Amethyst by Doxallo Designs Studio

Secret Garden Ring in Sterling Silver by Doxallo Designs Studio

The Waves Rings are a celebration of summer. A permanent reminder of warm sunny days relaxing on the beach listening to the waves wash up onto the sand. The stones are little pops of color reminding me of bathing suits, beach towels, and umbrellas dotting the beach.

Doxallo Designs Studio
Waves Rings in Sterling with Peridot and Amethyst by Doxallo Designs
Written by Janice of Doxallo Designs Studio!

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