Monday, February 16, 2009

Inspired by Teapots

I've been attempting to give up my hot-chocolate habit. Yes, I know, there's nothing wrong with drinking a cup of hot cocoa on a cool winter's night, but really, hot cocoa everyday and twice on Sundays is a bit much even for a sweet tooth like me. So a couple of years ago I started to drink hot tea. Now, I'm hooked. There is nothing like the comfort a hot cup of tea held in chilled hands on a cool winter's evening. And, it's a great excuse to use a handmade mug (of which I've accumulated many over the years).

But what to do when a friend drops by? Tea for two requires a teapot and I haven't got one. So I headed over to Baltimore Clayworks last week in search of ideas. Their current exhibition, Teapots IV, is an eclectic collection of teapots ranging from the fully functional to the purely sculptural, from serious form studies to whimsical objects. I was inspired––both to drink more tea and to build teapots. They look like so much fun!

"The teapot is the quintessential ceramic enterprise. It is an aspiration to the novice, and a source of inspiration and consternation to the experienced clayworker," ––David McDonald, juror

Included Artists: David Austin (MI), Hadi Abbas (FL), Lorna Awalt (MD), Marc Barr (TN), Abigail Deneau (MI), Jim Dugan (MD), Jessica Dubin (NY), Delores Fortuna (IL), Yoshi Fujii(MD), Susan Greenleaf (DC), Jim Geletka (MD), Robert Garron (FL), Hsin-Yi Huang (OR), Matt Hyleck (MD) , Steve Hilton (TX), Judi Tavill (NJ), Elizabeth Keller (SC), Judith King (FL), Susan Kent (PA), Jon McMillian (IL), Joyce Nagata (PA), Crystal Pillsbury (FL), Roberta Polfus (IL), Collette Smith (MD), Gary Slavinsky (MD), Lauren Sandler (PA), Rebekah Strickland(GA) , Joy Tanner (NC) , Katherine Taylor (TX), Delanie Wise (MA), Sherry Wells (MT), Gwendolyn Yoppolo(NJ)

Teapots IV is on display through February 28 at Baltimore Clayworks in Mount Washington. For further information visit

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