Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Warm Up at Druid Hill Park's Conservatory

Built in 1888, this cold looking Victorian greenhouse is warm and inviting on the inside -especially on a cold winter day. It has free admission, although a $2.00 donation is encouraged. The space is a teaching facility for the public to enjoy run by the Baltimore Department of Recreation and Parks.

You can meander through the different climates and warm up on a cold day. Leave your winter chill at the door and enjoy the sweet fragrances of the scented geranium collection. As you enter the state-of-the-art renovated sections, you see a koi pond in the Tropical house. The Desert house has beautiful exotic colors and textures to enjoy, there are surprises to discover all around you. Wandering through the Orchid room you'll find blooming specimen towering over you. The most delicious heady varieties are arranged within sniffing distance for adults and at about knee level for children to reach.

If you like all of this flora overload, go back and visit during early spring. The surrounding gardens have a magnificent display of tulips -not to be missed. Iris, peonies and roses follow through the season in this formal garden. It is a perfect place for a picnic a quick stroll before hitting the zoo.

3100 Swan Drive in Druid Hill Park Baltimore, MD 21217

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