Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baltimore Life: Springtime at Cylburn Arboretum

It's Spring, and there is no better time to plan a visit to the budding gardens of the Cylburn Arboretum. I seek out green spaces where my family can frolic on these early days of the season. Being confined in a formstone rowhouse in the middle of the city gets me yearning for some woodland flowers and naturalized daffodils this time of year. The 207 acre grounds at the Arboretum have been closed for new building construction and renovations for over a year now, and I have been waiting for the gates to reopen!

The grand opening of the green Vollmer Center, Saturday May 1st. The celebration has lots of fun planned all day with family garden events, exhibits, demonstrations and food. The Nature Museum on the grounds will be open and there will be presentations by William Moss,
Environmental Educator and Urban Garden Expert.

On Saturday May 8th, the Arboretum hosts Market Day, an annual spring plant sale-fundraiser featuring all kinds of plants from garden clubs, vendors, and the Cylburn Greenhouse. I'll be stocking up this year!
This park is located within the city limits, yet it remains a beautiful conservation area full of native plants and wildlife. Gardens of all kinds, fill the grounds. It is a great place to be in the spring!