Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In The Studio With Found Studios

For the past eight months or so I have hosted a group of 5-6 artists in my studio every other week for a night of food, wine, and sharing of creative energy. This has taken on the form of a somewhat informal workshop.

Here's the group working on a silk screening project

We decide in advance who will be "leading" the group and that person is responsible for gathering the materials needed for their particular week or weeks as we often need more than one week to cover a subject. So far we have been led in the following: clay (we made butter dishes), silk screened tee-shirts, knitting 101, collage greeting cards, felting, a smidge of sewing, and linocut printing.

This is a "final product" from the silk screening class

This has been a great way to get me out of my routine ---sometimes rut---- by exposing me to a variety of media and techniques. Even though I had already dabbled in most of these there is always much to learn and re-learn! We also shoot the breeze about where to get supplies & upcoming shows/exhibits of interest. I'm fortunate to have a nice, big studio space in my home and it feels good to share it.

Here's a picture of my empty studio

Selfishly I benefit from the feedback I get from these crafty gals as I always have a new painting on my easel or project up in the air that I can run by them. And the food....did I mention the food? Last summer we were bringing stuff from our gardens! YUM! Sometimes I get so carried away with the contributed food that I forget we've gathered for the purpose of craft!!

Final product from linocut printing

Written by: Found Studio


Sweet Pepita said...

I wanna come to your studio! Looks so awesome!

Margo said...

I want a shirt! Where can I buy one online?

Plantress said...

I live outside of Baltimore in northern b county. I like the lino very much.

Yummy and Company said...

Kacey-be sure to stop by and say hi at ArtStar!