Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Finds: Oh, Alice!

Some of us are still taking in Wonderland...

UPCYCLED Blue VINTAGE Train Case Alice in Wonderland Inspired Bunny Rabbit Hearts BLOCKPARTYPRESS Tree Red and Black INK LUGGAGE from GetReadySetGO

ALICE Snap to It. Wallet from RabbitAndTheDuck

Alice in Wonderland - Drink Me - Sterling Necklace from bLuGrn Design

Alice In Wonderland Bookmarks and Stickers from ThePoppyTree

Caterpillar shirt (T shirt) from Alice in Wonderland from No Wonder


neomi said...

Beautiful finds! Thank you for featuring my Cterpillar Top!

Schicki said...

great post!
so many lovely finds :)
love the caterpillar top