Monday, April 12, 2010

My Favorite Etsy Shop-CottonBirdDesigns

As some of you know, I'm a bit of a paper freak. I love all of the colors, textures, weights, prints and finishes it comes in. Most of all, I love making it do things it doesn't normally do such as stand up and become three dimensional. I have a history of designing intricate holiday pop-up cards so I'm just fascinated by what other paper artist can make paper do.

When I first ran across CottonBirdDesigns shop a couple of years ago I was in awe of their take on three dimensional paper sculpture. I loved the idea of stitching paper (and of course fabric) together to create such simple yet beautifully detailed graphic bird forms.

So wonderful are these paper bird sculptures made vintage textbooks

And this bird made from vintage sheet music, perfect for that musician in your life.

Wedding season is upon us and I love the idea of using these matching bride and groom birds on top of a cake, so much cuter than the typical plastic bride and groom and something you can keep and cherish forever.

Written by Jill of JillPopowichDesigns


tarabu said...

those bride and groom birdies ARE adorable!

Plantress said...

this is lovely. thanks for sharing