Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day in Baltimore

Many of us at BEST try to live every day as if it were earth day. We take responsibility for the impact that our lives and our businesses have on our planet and, on a smaller scale, our community.

Sweet Corsage Necklace from ElisaShereJewelry

We know what we can do, the steps we can take, the choices we can make. I remember, when I was pregnant, my eco-awareness exploding. It was overwhelming. We've made small changes, manageable changes, and we do what we can. We try not to beat ourselves up too much. We try.

RECYCLIMAL ReBeena made from RECLAIMED Knitwear from GreenStarStudio

My top 3 favorite resources for living green easily...

1. Hand-me-downs, thrift stores and consignment shops

Man oh man do kids go through things. Clothes, toys, and enough plastic crap to build a tower to the moon. People often ask me which thrift stares are my favorites and I always say, "All of them". I go to all of them. We gladly take hand-me-downs and repair damaged clothing. This leaves us with enough cash to buy her the things we want to buy her instead of the things we have to buy her. We are proud that handmade clothes, accessories, art and plush fill our daughter's life. She knows exactly who made what and can pick out certain local artists' work in any medium from across the room.

Mexico short-sleeved baby t-shirt from SweetPepita

2. Mill Valley Garden Center

I cannot say enough good things about our CSA. Vegetarians and omnivores alike can benefit from joining and taking home a share. It's delicious, and our family has absolutely saved money since participating. I am embarrassed to say that I had no idea what good butter tasted like until I took home a container from Trickling Springs Creamery as a part of our weekly share. Amazing. Local food, dairy in glass containers (bonus!) And supporting a great local business to boot feels (and tastes) great.

Men's Reusable Sandwich Baggie from GlowGirl16

3. Local bath and body products

With Biggs & Featherbelle just down the street and Spa Therapy Works off the beltway, there really is no reason to go far for your beauty products. I'm proud to say that we've used only locally made body soaps in our house for well over a year now. This year, I've even made the switch to facial soap and facial cream. I'm totally hooked. And my skin looks great, if I do say so myself!

Dead Sea Black Mud Deep Cleansing Facial Soap from SpaTherapyWorks

Feel good about what you can do this Earth day and know that every little bit makes a difference. We are so powerful!


Christina Allen Page said...

My husband absolutely LOVES Biggs & Featherbelle's Bark soap. I need to get him more-- the weather is perfect for it.

Sweet Pepita said...

Christina, I know what you mean! Biggs and Featherbelle is the only soap my husband will use. We have to buy several bars at a time so we don't run out!