Monday, May 17, 2010

Favorite Etsy Shop - Allure By Jen

I have to admit it I am addicted….to makeup that is!!! If you could see my medicine cabinet it is overflowing with little jars and compacts and pencils and brushes and lip glosses and I could keep going on forever!!! I love sparkly and bright eyeshadow and lip gloss and soft mineral powders for my face.

As I get older I really try to make an effort to take care of my skin. I used to use liquid foundations, but I have large pores and the liquid would cake up in my pores and it was not a pretty sight. When mineral makeup was first introduced the addict inside just had to try it!!! Yes, I’ve used the drug store brands and then got bold and tried the big name brands and I have to admit I was really impressed with the way my skin looked and felt. Of course along with the big name brand there is a big price tag!!!

So, I decided to turn to Etsy and see if there were any crafty people out there making mineral makeup at an affordable price and I hit the jackpot!!! I discovered Allure By Jen. She has a fabulous product at a very reasonable price! I have the sugar plum lip gloss that I believe is the perfect shade. It’s not heavy or sticky, it goes on very nicely and it stays on really well! I also have the mineral foundation in N4 and the mineral veil in glow. Either one works really well alone on your skin, but combined it’s amazing! Your skin is silky soft with it on and you are positively glowing!!! Jen was also kind enough to gift me with a sample of her Sweet 16 blush and Sweet Kiss lipstick which are both wonderful and are on my list for my next order! The other thing that I really like about Jen’s shop is her item called Your Five Favorite Colors in Convenient Sample Size Pods. Yes, it’s a very big name, but what’s nice is it comes with a very small price tag!!! Just $5 and you can pick any five of your favorite colors of eyeshadows, foundations, blushes, or concealers (with the exception of her Constellation Collection Colors). A great way to sample several products at a very affordable price.

Ok everyone….now go forth and make yourselves beautiful with Allure By Jen!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh this is great! Thanks for the share. I am always looking for some new fun make up :)