Monday, May 3, 2010

My Favourite Etsy Shop - Mother's Day

This was a hard post for me to write - with the huge volume of incredible art on Etsy, how do you pick a favourite? Well, as a quilter with a short attention span who can't work on one project at a time who has been forced to compartmentalize projects into little boxes to keep them organized, I've transferred that habit to Etsy - not my favourite shop, but my favourite Metal Clay artist, favourite practical tools for quilters (painters, photographers, etc), my favourite designers, sculptors and so on.

With Mother's Day a stone's throw away at this point, I turn to one of my favourite shops and favourite people, Dotty of DottyRal. My mom's not a fabric artist, so there's nothing in Dotty's shop she'd actually use, but if my kitten's reading, or if your mom's gifted with a needle, put your ears up and take notice!

Dotty makes pincushions. Her creations go well beyond the simple red tomato. For starters, they are all stuffed with emery grains, an incredible mineral that sharpens needles with each stab. Beyond that? they are unique, fun and personal.

If my great-grandma, the one whose hand-stitched quilt lives on my bed, the one who handed down the lovely pink rose china were still mortal, her Mother's Day would be greeted with a gift of this:
If I had any sense, I'd get one of these, because those salvaged buttons and zippers aren't going to store themselves:
What I'd really like, though, is one of these:
Written by Tarabu


tigerlillyshop said...

love that coffee cup pin cushion!

tarabu said...

I kinda love it too - and it's felt, so you can stick pins in all over the sides, too.