Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Indie-pendent Biz: Broom's Bloom Dairy

Want to eat the best ice cream ever created? Visit the Broom's Bloom Dairy stall at the Saturday Waverly Farmers' Market. They bring several of their available flavors already packed and ready to go. They don't really have signage with their name, but tend to be on the northwest portion of the market. They also sell other products, such as cheese, at their stall which I'm sure are amazing, but I just go for the ice cream. "Dirt" is our favorite, lots of chunky, chocolately goodness.

Tempted? As good as their ice cream is out of the Waverly market, it tastes even better if you buy it right on their farm. An easy drive up 95 to exit 80, you take MD543 four miles and look on your left. There is a nice place to eat inside during inclement weather, but I recommend sitting outside. Basically your view is fields, woods and the barns where the cows live and do their thing. There are rocking chairs and picnic tables and a little grassy area for kids to play around in. (Pets are not allowed.) Service is invariably friendly, sometimes local young people, sometimes older folks. I've met the owner working behind the counter. Prices are reasonable. They also sell products from other local farms as well as sandwiches, salads and quiche. They have many flavors of ice cream to choose from but not the same flavors every time and can run out so no guarantee that "dirt" will be there when you go. The good thing is that any flavor is good and you'd have a built in excuse to go again.

written by Susan of Susan Brandt

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Steven Conover said...

That is really cool. We have lots of farms like that up here in WI.
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