Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baltimore with Babes: Clark's Elioak Farm

If you're looking for a way to celebrate fall with your family, look no farther than Clark's Elioak Farm, located just off of Route 29 in Howard County. This family-owned farm boasts every farm-related activity under the sun, from a pumpkin patch to a petting farm. You'll meet (among others) a miniature donkey, pigs, goats, and even an emu. For an extra fee, you can enjoy a pony ride, a hayride on the famous Trusty the Tractor, or a turn on the new Cow Train, where your child will ride in his or her own wheeled "cow" pulled by a tractor.
The Clarks offer lots of special events on fall weekends, but one of the most enjoyable is their annual Pumpkin Chunkin', which falls this year on November 5th and 6th. Bring the jack o' lantern from your front porch and take your turn launching it across the farm with their specially made catapult. Seriously fun.

Old school Baltimoreans will recognize familiar features from The Enchanted Forest sprinkled across the property. The old fairytale amusement park that used to live on Route 40, where John Waters filmed scenes for Crybaby, was abandoned for many years, and its beloved attractions were falling into ruin. The Clark family has worked with local conservation groups to painstakingly transport and restore multiple elements from the classic park, and you'll be happy to see your kids zip down the slide in the Old Lady's Shoe or take a peek into the home of the Three Little Bears. The hayride loops through all of the Enchanted Forest attractions.

You can feel good about supporting this 540-acre family farm, which has long championed conservation and offers the community locally grown produce, grass-raised beef, pastured lamb, cut-your-own flowers and herbs, and local cheeses and butter.

Admission is $5, free for infants under 12 months, and $4.50 with a AAA card. Hay rides, pony rides, and the cow train are each $2 extra.

by Brita of Beeps' Peeps

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