Saturday, November 5, 2011

Duct Tape Flower Tutorial

If you have visited a craft store recently, you might have come across a large bin of duct tape. Why is this duct tape in a craft store do you ask? Well it isn't the same ole duct tape that was in your father's tool box...this new "crafty" duct tape now comes in bright colors and great patterns. This new duct tape attracts crafters like a moth to a flame, but once you bring it home what do you do with this new and improved jazzy duct tape? Two stylishly simple answers to this question can be found at How Joyful.

How Joyful, has come up with several simple to follow tutorials that use duct tape. Add a little flair to any household item by adding a delicate Duct Tape flower. If organization is what you need, use this easy to follow tutorial to make a Duct Tape Organizer. To make either of these delicate duct tape household goodies, visit How Joyful's site .


FuzzyMug said...

That's really cool! Amazing what can be done with duct tape :)

Rebecca Dortzbach said...

awesome! I worked at a high school and the kids really loved making these, the adults did too:-) The extra bonus was that it made it really hard to lose your pen after!