Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I'm Working On: Tarabu

Hexie Attack!
I've succumbed to the paper-piecing bug. If the impending zombie virus is Z101, then the paper-piecing virus must be P1212, because it's about twelve times worse! I've turned into one of those people you see with snippets of thread on the hem of her sweater pulling out a bag of fabric bits and thread and scissors every time there's a chance to sit for more than five minutes. It's kind of ridiculous, but it's also vitally necessary if I'm going to get this done.
I've started with a massive stack of basted hexagon squares.

So far I have three strings stitched together. Eventually I'll have ten columns stitched up and will begin finagling them into a finished top.

It's already taken forever and I'm having serious doubts about having it finished by the December holidays, this year anyway.

Written by Tara of Tarabu.


namoo said...

lovely color ways you created! you know it is so addicting! :)

tarabu said...

It's painfully addictive! I haven't been able to get any other Kung Fu moms on the bandwagon, but I am trying . . . .