Friday, February 15, 2008


Hi I’m Claudia from IamMyOwnInvention! I generally make one-of-a-kind pieces using refurbished antique and vintage jewelry, but I’ve also been known to be a designer/seamstress when the mood strikes.

I moved to Bmore last March after accepting a product developer position with Under Armour. UA is a great learning experience – although my position isn’t as creative as I’d like, it’s still pretty cool having to figure out how to piece together a garment… like a 3D puzzle. I haven’t’ totally made up my mind about Baltimore just yet but it grows on me a little every week!

I either heard or read somewhere that whatever you’re the happiest doing at age 5 is what you should pursue as a career in life. I clearly remember sitting in my room for hours drawing fancy dresses and stringing sequins and paper clips together to make necklaces. I’ve also always been a nut about antiques and have been raiding estate sales and thrift shops since I was a kid. I’ve been making things my entire life but it wasn’t until a year or so ago that I actually started selling my creations.

The jewelry thing came about almost inadvertently out of sheer unemployed boredom. Someone told me about Etsy, I thought I’d give it whirl and voila – IamMyOwnInvention was born…

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