Thursday, February 14, 2008


I have been a hair stylist for 24 years. Although I love cutting hair, especially the creative side of it, I really thought of doing something in addition to cutting hair. I started creating jewelry in the mid 90's... It all started with a great necklace Isaw on a client. She then informed me that she made it herself! That sounded like a real cool thing to do!

It all started with a trip to a local bead store.. I was immediately hooked! Like cutting hair, designing jewelry came pretty natural to me. I am self taught, other than a couple classes and some books on jewelry making. I am also working on learning a bit more about metalsmithing. That will be reflected in my new pieces. I just love creating! I want to also mention, the lady who inspired me to take the leap into this great adventure is my friend, Angela Walker. I really get ideas from everywhere. Sometimes, when I don't have anything particular in my head to make, I just sit and play with my goodies until something clicks!

On a more personal side, I am married 18 years to a great guy, who in his own right, is an artist. In the kitchen! NOT figure friendly food but taste bud friendly for sure! I also have 2 wonderful boys, Vasillios 17 and Gabriel 8 soon to be 9. Vasili plays drums and is a musician in the making. I think Gabe will follow in his big brother's foot steps!

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Juliet said...

I adore your bracelets!