Saturday, February 23, 2008

Packing Tape Extraordinary

I was going to write up a tutorial on creating with felt today, but found myself distracted by the internet instead. I haven't been able to shake the idea of public craft and I've spent far too many hours this week daydreaming and scribbling ideas. In the process, I found this amazing artist!

Mark Jenkins
isn't a Baltimore-based artist, but he's close. Just down the road in D.C., Jenkins has been busy introducing cocoon-like castings of a multitude of creatures and forms to our familiar world and jarring us out of the haze of routine.

His work is shown world-wide and installed locally to boot! How did I miss this pack of puppies at play in urban decay?

I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for this extraordinary invasion. You can try your hand at tape castings, too! Check out this tutorial at We can't wait to see what you come up with!


jennyjen said...

How awesome is that! We could so tape sculptures of blue plastic bags and leave them in the trees! OR kitsch objects to place in our front basement windows, just thinking about what statement we could make here in Baltimore with tape! We could make tape people to put in our windows as a new form of safety in home alarm systems.

averagejen said...

i love this one shannon- great post!

Juliet said...

Wow! This is SO fun. I wish I come across one of these. We should come up with some kind of public sculpture idea to create a buzz about BEST...