Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Charm City Roller Girls

Not only is Baltimore home to such unique icons as Frank Zappa, John Waters and Divine, or great athletic teams as the Orioles and Ravens (ok, these may be questionable), we also play host to a sports team that has both of these traits... the Charm City Roller Girls. These ladies are as strong and tough as they are beautiful and unique... and they mean serious business. How could they not mean business with names like Joy Collision, Rosie the Rioter and Coach Ballbricker. They aren’t 15th in the nation for nothing and climbing higher to number one.

Much like our own newly formed B.E.S.T., the CCRG started out as a small group of girls meeting two nights a week and soon found themselves in an organized league of over 80 women. We all remember the down and dirty roller girl teams that gained popularity in the 70’s, these women are actually just like the rest of us. They are artist, mothers, teachers, activist and so much more. They work hard, play hard and hit pretty hard too.

So come on ladies, pull on those fishnets, hot pants and roller skates, come up with your roller girl name and head on down to the Fifth Regiment Armory this Saturday night (March 15th) at 6:00pm to support the amazing women of the Charm City Roller Girls.

For more information on the teams, rules of the game, pictures and upcoming bouts, check out the Charm City Roller Girls site at www.charmcityrollergirls.com.

Written by: Jill Popowich (aka- Wicked Witch of Westminster)

Pic by GlobalGlenn from the CCRG flickr site


Meaghan said...

CCRG sells their tickets at my friend's candy store in Lauraville! Check out www.rockcandybaltimore.com for more details! Also, I sell my candy-themed earrings in the shop...a little bit of sweet craftiness along Harford Rd!

Meaghan @ queeringdomesticity.blogspot.com

averagejen said...

great post, jill!