Friday, March 7, 2008

New Work––Sneak Peek

I am not a production potter. As much as I might dream of having a studio pottery where I sit mesmerized by my spinning potters wheel, I’ve come to know my own studio persona well enough to know I don’t have the patience to work at the same form long enough to perfect my efficiency. I am easily distracted. As soon as I have a group of pots that I am happy with, I’m ready to move on and find a new challenge. And so I start sketching.

Next come the prototypes. I make the same form over and over until I find the proportions I like. In this case, I started with cups and am now adding bowls, vases, and other cylindrical forms to the line. In time, these forms will sport printed images, subtle washes of color, and soft undulating glazes—connecting them visually to the last group of pots made. Keep you eye out for the finished pieces coming soon.

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