Saturday, March 8, 2008

toys toys toys!

I love the idea of giving artists the same (or very similar) blank canvas and asking them to make something out of it. I've seen it done very successfully many times, but have never seen it done in a way that just plain made me smile. I walked into Atomic Pop last night, and was happily greeted by their incarnation of the blank canvas project - although in this case it's plastic bunnies, bears, dogs, and more.

The show is called "Vinylmore," and it features over 50 different artists, many of whom call Baltimore home. It's the first DIY Art Toy Show happening here, it opened last night, and you need check it out. If you can't, you can see many of the pieces on Atomic Pop's blog or Flickr set. Work shown is "Horizon, Have A Nice Day, Southern Champion Set" by Sara Tomko, a graphic designer from Baltimore. Link to City Paper article.

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