Monday, March 3, 2008

you are here, hon

Organized by the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, the Baltimore Festival of Maps will feature a plethora of engaging public programs and educational experiences through an array of important exhibitions, interactive workshops and seminars, and engaging special events. Festival programs will range from one-day workshops and demonstrations to ongoing processes for the duration of the festival; some will challenge our assumptions and deconstruct the purpose of mapping through community-based programs, while others will explore our unique cultural heritage, including Baltimore jazz, historic neighborhoods, and tradition of painted screens.

The Baltimore Festival of Maps features more than 20 area arts and cultural organizations presenting activities exploring the rich history and contemporary interpretations of maps and the mapping process. March 16 - June 8, 2008. The complete program schedule is here.

Oh, and it's got a fun blog, too!


Juliet said...

Nice use of the word plethora!

Christalena said...

thanks for promoting our festival jen!!