Saturday, March 1, 2008

sit down with the mafia, part one

Hello there crafty Baltimoreans, it's Christalena Hughmanick from the Charm City Craft Mafia. Our Baltimore-based group formed as a chapter of the Austin Craft Mafia a little over a year ago and functions as a true collective. We are a group of local crafters committed to strengthening our community by way of craft shows, workshops and other related events. At these events I showcase knitwear from my business, It Knits.

I've always enjoyed taking breaks from my tedious fine art projects by knitting a pair of gloves or ear warmers and eventually sought out a market to sell my creations and began It Knits. As I explored this market through craft shows, I found more artists and art supporters here in Baltimore than I ever imagined existed! This town is hungry for hand made goods and the shopping experience that comes with them. I've heard so many Holiday Heap show patrons say how pleased they are to have a mall-free shopping season. And who can blame them?

With all the craft activity happening here, I feel strongly that we are on our way to making Baltimore a craft destination. I love to see more groups form and more shows scheduled. It creates a buzz around our community and reminds the public that they have a multitude of amazing artists right here in their own town to buy from and support! I've experienced the successes of working collaboratively within the Craft Mafia and can only imagine what could be done if the local craft groups worked together. It's a great time to be crafting in Baltimore, so pick up that project you've been neglecting and get to work!

Applications for the Charm City Craft Mafia's 2nd Annual 'Pile of Craft' show on June 21 are now available at Also, don't miss the first ever 'DIY at Artscape,' at this year's Artscape festival July 18,19 & 20. Applications for these discounted booths can be found at

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Sweet Pepita said...

Thanks for all the great links! I love your fingerless honeycomb gloves. They are NICE!