Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Well, it's officially spring and all the signs are springing up all over the area. I even saw a robin yesterday, so there is no doubt that Spring is here. In the art and craft world you can start to see the signs of Spring too. Birds, nests, grass, buds, cherry blossoms and all sorts of florals are springing up in soft pastels and fresh bright colors. The Etsy front page and treasury lists and are full of Spring themes and colors.

I know I can't help but be inspired by the new season. I have been out taking pictures of the signs of Spring and have been very inspired by what I've found. Here are some of my Spring photos. I hope they inspire you to create something amazing.

Post and images by BlockPartyPress

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averagejen said...

gorgeous photographs! more spring, please!