Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Garden Will Grow

If it ever stops raining I'm gonna plant the vegetables my family bought this weekend from Mill Valley Garden Center & Farmer's Market. By this time in previous years, we'd have already set seedlings we raised ourselves into the earth. But alas, life with a toddler is all that we expected and so much more.

The beauty of places like the Mill Valley Garden Center or any of the local farmers markets, is that they've already done most of the work for you! You get strong, healthy plants at reasonable prices (do I sound like Agent Cooper yet?). But my favorite thing, is that I bought heirloom tomatoes for just a dollar a piece.

Shopping at Mill Valley Garden Center is not like the big box garden center experience. You're not gonna find 50,000 plants to choose from. But you will find beautiful locally grown, organic, certified child labor-free and fair trade plants, seeds and pots. You won't be able to buy drill bits and drywall at the same time as your vegetables. You could, however, pick up some salsa from Whiskey Island Pirate Shop, coffee from Zekes, and maybe some Rose's cookies. Total yummers.

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