Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mud at Art-O-Matic

The glass artists aren't the only crafty people showing off their sculptural talents at Art-O-Matic this year. On the tenth floor of the unfinished office building at First and M Streets NE you will find a group show of contemporary ceramic sculpture. It's a destination not to be missed.

On the right, an installation by Elizabeth Kendall constructed of
steel and clay.

Organized by Flux Studios in Mt. Rainier, MD, 17 ceramic artists
selected adjacent spaces within Art-O-Matic creating a cohesive
show-within-a-show titled "Coincide." The variety of work shows the
elasticity of clay while the rich surfaces tie them all together. Here
are just a couple of the pieces you'll see there.

Yeonhee Ji's lace-like bottles are set against a complimentary
patterns in clay and steel.

Janet Gohres' black birds are gathered in a puddle of pebbles on the floor.

Post written by VWStudios

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