Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Falling For Friday's Finds

Fridays are for dreaming. I take my time and pour over the selections that BEST members JenMenkhaus and TheBrokenPlate bring us every week. Five days later, I cannot get the Gentle Patriot Dress from Nessesity Is the Mother out of my mind. The design is so flattering and unique. Layered fabric really makes this piece special... it's not your run of the mill sun dress. I am totally loving this Sundrop Dress, too.

So I went to her Etsy shop to see more and I found out that her designs are constructed from reclaimed and second-hand fabric. Ahhhh! My seamstress soul mate lives in Portland! Well, I'm sold. And my birthday's coming up, so... Hey husband! I'm bookmarking this for you (hint hint).

1 comment:

Juliet said...

Haha! We need to teac husbands how to use Etsy Favorites!!!

hmmm...we should sell a how-to card for husbands...

wheels spinning!