Friday, May 30, 2008

On The Rise, Work From the Metalsmithing + Jewelry Program at Towson University

Curated by Jan Baum
Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts
Wilmington, Delaware June 5- July 31, 2008
Opening reception on Friday, June 6th, 2008 from 6-8

On The Rise represents the diverse cross section of current undergraduate and graduate work as well as recent alumni from both degree programs. Work comprising this exhibition stretches the traditions and boundaries of both the metalsmithing and art jewelry discipline. Age-old impulses of body adornment are reinterpreted individually and personally in 2008. The Metals + Jewelry discipline attracts artists drawn to the intimacy and site specific nature of the art jewelry object and objects historically associated with the Metals + Jewelry discipline. A number of works bridge multiple disciplines in conveying the artists’ conceptual ideas.

Many of the artists in the exhibition are exploring with non-traditional materials in the expression of their individual artistic pursuits while others utilize prominent materials in new and individual ways. A handful of artists are engaged with new materials and new technologies while simultaneously pushing and exploring the boundaries of art jewelry object.

The exhibition includes work by BEST members Beth Pohlman, Liz Mathews, and Juliet Ames as well as these other Baltimore artists: Eliza Mundy, Laurel Lydecker, Elizabeth Steiner, Amy Klainer, Jenn Parnell, Janet Huddie, Douglas Bucci, Megan Auman, April Wood, Adrienne Wiegmann, Rebecca Dortzbach, , Whitney Marsden, and Annie Chau.

Image is of work by Beth Pohlman


tigerlillyshop said...

what a list of artists! looks like it will be a great show with that list of names;)

Rebecca Dortzbach said...

just in- the opening reception is fri night from 6-8!