Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Green Christmas in Highlandtown

True, our city neighborhood does not have many trees or much green at all. In all of this pavement, it is hard to find beauty.

Among these little rowhouses lives is a lifelong resident of Highlandtown that decorates our neighborhood every Christmas. I know him as John, the interesting elderly man who was once a wedding planner in his day. He can be seen tying red and green ribbons and bows to all the railings, chain link fences, and sign posts around our side of the neighborhood this time of year. He makes all of these bows from scratch, hand tying what seems like hundreds and giving the gift of d├ęcor to our lack luster fromstone covered streets. Our homes are made a little richer each season by this handmade generosity!

post written by tigerlillyshop.

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Elisa Shere said...

It's people like Jim that make Baltimore so special! Great story, Allison.