Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift Ideas: Shop Local Baltimore with the BEST

Etsy posted this awesome story featuring BEST and Craft Mafia members in our very photogenic city! What a treat! You can see all the beautiful pictures and the full article here

redprairiepress: "Baltimore may have a rough reputation, but once you're here, you realize this city is just proud of itself, and thus, proud of you for making art in its borders. People here love knowing that what they're buying comes from here, and they love having certain things to claim as Baltimore's own. The city is big enough that it has a diverse mix of happenings, but small enough that on any given day, most people are connected to at least one of them because they'll know one of the organizers or artists. Enormous community pride and a small-world feel? That's the best support you can ask for, as a local business."


School 33 Art Center said...

WOW! really nice article with so many of our favorite crafters. Great to be associated with such fine - ness in B'more.

tom_brown_of_baltimore said...

that's a great picture.

Rachel Bone said...

Thanks BESTies for including me in the etsy feature. Very cool, and so fun to see what area's everyone chose, and what you all had to say about our fair city.
I'm ending 2008 full of pride in our craft community. Thanks for all your hard work. :)

Prêt à Voyager said...

awesome, Jen! YAY, BALTIMORE!!!


sapna said...

i am always confuse with the gift. your gift ideas is very useful for me.Thanks for sharing the local gift ideas.