Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twenty Things - Annie Chau

Twenty things you didn't know about Annie, of Imogene. Check out her etsy shop, imogeneandannie.

1. amsterdam is my favorite city
2. my left foot is a half size smaller than my right foot
3. in my wildest dreams, i am madonna's back up dancer
4. i went to prep school in fort lauderdale, florida
5. i have no idea what my favorite color is
6. one of my top favorite things to do is listen jeff buckley with the volume as high as can be in a dark room
7. my favorite dive bar in baltimore is the rendezvous lounge (wish they would put the old jukebox back with jeff buckley in it)
8. i aspire to do a handstand one day in yoga class
9. doing a handstand is one of my biggest fears
10. i love classical ballet
11. my favorite t.v. personality is ellen degeneres. i think everyone should dance their way through life!
12. i really don't like to use CAPS when i type- i don't know where this habit came from
13. i can type over 80 wpm with proper caps usage
14. i will take a cup of coffee at anytime of day
15. i'm 27 years old and still crazy for everything hello kitty- have you seen the hello kitty humidifier? wow.
16. i REALLY want to be a contestant on the price is right
17. i have been a knitter for about six years and have yet to finish a sweater
18. i cannot see scary movies because they keep me up for at least two nights afterwards
19. i spent a good part of the summer of 2000 exploring beijing, china
20. i hope to write/edit a book one day

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Sweet Pepita said...

Oh, Annie! I will make you a sandwich with my Hello Kitty toaster.

tigerlillyshop said...

great 20 things! i am a caps omitter, too;)

annie said...

ah! the toaster! i am sparing the boy in my life utter humiliation by not nabbing every single hello kitty appliance i see! i have the popcorn maker- it's CRAZY dangerous!

Rachel Bone said...

nice to see annie & imogene featured!
i used to have a Hello Kitty italian ice machine, and a pair of radical plastic sunglasses!

jenygwen said...

i can't watch scary movies either... i'm such a baby!

maybe u should knit all you unfinished sweaters together and make an afghan with arm holes for and whoever u snuggle with!

great list!!!

Valerie A. Heck said...

I too aspire to do a handstand!

kathy said...

My husband won a minivan and our silverware on the Price Is Right. It's funny because it's true.

annie said...

kathy! i cannot believe i actually know someone who knows someone who's WON A CAR on the price is right!!!