Monday, June 8, 2009

Favorite Shop: Iviva Embroiders

IvivaEmbroiders is my newest favorite etsy shop. From artist books to small snippets of life on tiny fabric scraps, IvivaEmbroiders creates personal portraits through poetry and drawing.

Embroidered Art Book

The nature of the medium is intimate. Her process of embroidering each envelope, fabric scrap, napkin, and other various common items marries her hand and heart forever to this item. The text she creates appears as her own handwriting rather than some styled font. Each piece represents a thought held so close that through selling it, setting it free, she is breathing life into the hands of the audience; transferring ownership of tiny sorrows and joys.

Handstitched Art Book

Each piece represents a secret that seems to be, at the heart of it, a universal human experience. All of us can relate to these struggles and successes in love and loss, and yet, the work commands a certain pregnant silence.

Written by Nancy

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Sweet Pepita said...

I keep coming back to look at this work. It's haunting me.