Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I'm Working On -Tigerlillyshop

Last week I really put a ton of time "down in the hole" -a term of endearment which I use for spending time in my studio. In my electroforming corner, I was getting things set up for my plating bath. I have been prepping non-stop to restock my supply of nature jewelry.

My family and friends have been so incredibly helpful finding organic things for me to work with. I have a stockpile of various acorns, seedpods, shells, etc. waiting for me to encase them in copper. It's a slow and arduous process that takes a lot of patience, but so far I have liked the results I have gotten with this batch. I'll have more acorns and super cute new sea shells just in time for summer! I might even try silver plating some of them this year!!!

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