Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twenty Things : Jan Baum

1. I’d love to become an international design tour guide.
2. Summer of 2008 I had a 6 pack.
3. I love getting in the mood for a type of food and then eating that day after day.
4. Book whore.
5. Learning junkie.
6. I can sign ‘orgasm’. [Thanks, Mike]
7. Old folks homes don’t freak me out…I worked at one in high school and now I kinda like them.
8. I would love to live around the world.
9. I am a pack animal. [but not a rat]
10. I love natural hot springs, especially in the Pacific Northwest.
11. The Shining was the fit movie I ever saw, I was in junior high.
12. I chose The Women of Cell Block H when my TV intake was restricted as young human.
13. I dressed up in a nude colored body suit, painted myself with a cat pattern and walked down a Halloween catwalk at a prominent Philadelphia Halloween party…
14. The night Nicky Scarfo. Jr. got shot in South Philly it was two blocks from my apartment. Good times, good times. No wonder my heart belongs to Philly.
15. I watched two seasons of Six Feet Under in one sitting. Love that show.
16. Don’t see anything wrong with being Type AA.
17. In 7th grade I won second place in a gymnastics competition- floor routine.
18. I love the speed: Fast.
19. I’d love to learn to surf.
20. There is a good chance I will die of skin cancer.

Jan Baum is a Professor and Director of the Metals and Jewelry Department of Towson University and an all around cool chick.

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shellydaly said...

Great list...sounds like you know who you are and you are! Now that we've (not) met, can I audit every jewelry class towson has to offer? Is your job as great as it sounds?