Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Finds: Luscious Vegan Desserts!

I love sweets! Check out these decadent vegan delights you can have delivered right to your doorstep from one of these etsy shops.

Don’t they look luscious?

Amaretto Lemon Buttercream Vegan Cupcakes by The Cupcake Mint

Heaven on earth, thank you very much.

Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches by A Vegan Bakery

Can you stand it? My mouth is watering!

Vegan Organic Fair Trade Pomegranate Truffles by Clover and Clutch.

These look divine!

Organic & Vegan Chai Cupcake Mix by Divine Cupcake.

And an adorable little Vegan Cupcake Stand to present your treats! By Vegan Dish.

Written by Kathy of The Garbologist's Wife.