Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Handmade Life: Knit Tagging

This image caught my eye on flicker last week. Behind this lovely and random act of knitting is Whodunnknit. The blogger summarizes her/ his act in a recent post as a type of memorial to this lone phone booth that stands waiting for a dead cell phone battery in an age when its purpose has become almost obsolete as modern technology has trumped time. The blogger continues to describe the tag as a "...healthy green shoot along the telephone chord." The act calls out to those street friends, urging them to grasp the old and cease their texting if only for just one minute.

This is just one of many in a growing wave of knitters who "tag" various ugly and banal urban staples with their colorful and soft bursts of poofy fiber in an effort to nudge a laugh, beautify, soften, feminize, and even to break a passerby of his everyday swimming thoughts to stop and realize his environment once again.

I started thinking about knit tagging a month or so ago when I bought Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design. The book featured Knittaplease a group out of Huston, Texas with similar goals.

When asked the question, "What are you trying to say?", Poly Cotn (giggles) replies, "Well, not necessarily anything extremely verbal or political. Sometimes it's just that there is a lot of cement and steel that we are not comfortable seeing on a daily basis." Purl Nekklas says, "I like to feel like we are wrapping things with love. It's humanizing."

I'm hoping that one of these happy sights crosses my path soon. If not, perhaps I could create one myself?

Written by Nancy

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