Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twenty Things: Design by Night

Twenty things you don't know about Kolleen of Design by Night
  1. My favorite thing to do is go to Renaissance Faires. I love dressing up in corsettes and carrying my own mug to pubs. Recently I have combined this with my love for crafting and have sewn costumes and made pirate hats.
  2. I prefer adopted dogs or give-away dogs to buying a dog from a breeder. There are so many unwanted animals out there who need a good home and most of them make great companions. My oldest dog Spanky was adopted from Baltimore County animal shelter and Flynt was a freebie who would have been taken to the pound if no one wanted him.
  3. Chartreuse is my favorite color.
  4. I am like a raccoon, I am attracted to anything that is glitzy.
  5. I have a huge collection of Dover clip art books, the ones with old woodcuts from advertisements.
  6. I have a BFA in drawing and hardly ever draw.
  7. I have five button jars.
  8. Every time I watch an animated movie I think that my husband looks like one of the characters (Mr. Incredible, Shrek, Kung-fu Panda, etc.)
  9. I love bodies of water, I find them relaxing and wish I were near one right now reading a book.
  10. The answer to any problem is a glass of wine and a bubble bath.
  11. My favorite dessert are fruit pies, any fruit, apple, blueberry, cherry...yum! With a slice of sharp cheddar cheese or ice cream (vanilla).
  12. It takes twice as long for my legs to get tan than any other part of my body. I often do not even use sunscreen on my legs and they still repel the sun.
  13. I prefer that my cosmos be made with Cointreau instead of triple sec (thanks to a revelation provided by Elisa Shere).
  14. My favorite band is Reverend Horton Heat, I try to see them every time they come to town.
  15. I love musicals. My favorite traditional musical is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Jesus Christ Superstar is another favorite. I know Jesus Christ Superstar by heart and often sing it (not well) to myself when I am driving. I have also seen it twice live.
  16. When I entertain I fix way to much food. Usually people leave my house with a doggy bag.
  17. My grandmother used to put coffee and lots of cream in my bottle as a child (it was the 70's) and I have loved coffee ever since.
  18. I hate peas and will pick them out of my food if they are served in a soup or stew.
  19. My husband calls me Dink.
  20. I wish I was a more organized person.


Elisa Shere said...

You are not helping my reputation at all with that Cointreau comment :). My legs also repel the sun and I do think that Mike looks like a cartoon character! Great 20 things!

shellydaly said...

I'll always know how to solve my most stubborn problems... with wine and bubbles! Thanks for the tip! Look forward to meeting you!