Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twenty Things: Tya Anthony

Twenty things you didn't know about Tya Anthony, the woman behind our fantastic group photo. Check out her gorgeous photography site, as well as her etsy shop, where she sells her crochet goodies.

1. i am a project runway junkie.
2. the smell of chocolate and cream cheese make me want to dance uncontrollably, lets face it if i could eat only chocolate and creamcheese i would be in heaven.
3. i never liked cheesecake until several years ago when i ate it with some wine and strawberries...mmm
4. i'm thinking about cutting my locks
5. it was only a thought. they run through my head and right out the other end.
6. i want to move to London at some point in my life. i really would just like to live over seas.
7. i have lived in Germany, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado (the birthplace), Maryland, i could stand to add Ireland, California, New Mexico
8. i'm so stressed out right now i just want to pop those packing bubbles
9. i'm addicted to crafting. i am planning to live in a GREEN world, well at least mine anyway
10. i want more kids, i love the kids
11. i love there
12. my favorite meal would be sushi from San Sushi in Towson, a bottle of plum wine and my friends there to enjoy it with me
13. i am a photographer
14. i love astrology, mythology, conspiracy,
15. i have become an avid reading
16. i love my MAC
17. i'm a nikon girl
18. i always try to be on time or early, its always the people who are with me that are late
19. i was voted the brightest smile in high school and a jealous yearbook staff chick stole it from me...we all know the truth
20. i am very cat like


Yummy and Company said...

love project runway!!!

tya anthony said...

You have to watch it on lifetime now dont forget!