Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to Make a Pinwheel!

It is a nice little trip down memory lane when every summer I walk into a store and see some of the same toys that have been summertime favorites since I was a kid. Plastic buckets and shovels, big colorful rubber balls, jacks, balsa wood planes, bubbles and pinwheels were the toys I begged my mother for every summer when we went to Woolsworth.

Well of my now crafty life and in memory of my childhood’s past I decided to make my own pinwheel. Although I do not play with them much, I like to put them in plants as a reminder that summertime is here and I should work less and play more. And if you have children making a pinwheel is a great rainy day craft.

What you will need:
1 – 8.5”x11” sheet of cardstock paper
1 – wooden dow
6” wire (I used 20 gauge)
2 – medium/large beads
needle nose pliers
ruler and exactor knife or scissors

1. Click here to download the PINWHEEL_template.pdf. Print out template at 100% on the cardstock paper.
2. Cut along green outer cut line. You will be working with a 7.5” square.
3. Cut along the cyan inner cut dotted lines making sure to stop at the end, leaving the center in tact.

4. Punch a small hole on the side of each corner and the center of the square where indicated.
5. Coil the wire around one end wooden dow. Sting one of the beads through the wire and then insert the wire through hole in the center of the paper square.

6. Take one of the hole punched corners and bend the paper over and insert the wire into the hole. Continue this with each of the corners. Use your hand to keep the pinwheel in place.

7. Add the other bead to the wire and use the pliers to bend the remaining wire over into a loop to secure the wire. Now all you need is some wind to see your pinwheel in action.

Note: If the pinwheel gets caught on the stick try bending the wire a bit until it is sitting correct and can turn freely.

written by: kolleen of Design by Night

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