Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I’m Working On Now- DesignsByLeslie

I always love it when I order new glass, or try new combinations, and this is what happens when I do both.

This first picture shows the glass before I cut it and place it in the kiln for its first firing.

The second picture is after the glass is removed from the kiln and I am cutting it into pendant and earring size pieces.

After cutting the glass, I grind each piece to fine tune the shaping and take care of any rough edges.

The pieces go back in the kiln for a second firing, this time to fire polish the pieces.

Here they are after the second firing. Next I will drill holes in the glass – no picture of the boring drilling holes part.

After the holes are drilled, I wire wrap the pieces with Sterling Silver and create my unique bails. Here is the finished product.

Post written by DesignsbyLeslie

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shellydaly said...

Leslie, Thanks for sharing your process! I'm so interested in your tools as I can imagine using them with my stones! Wet saw? What's the grinder? More later when we have a few days together!