Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Favorite Etsy Shop - Janet Hill Studio

I just love Janet Hill Studio's oil paintings and prints. Their soft colors, retro feel and strong feminine themes really appeal to the 1950's housewife deep inside of me. You know the one that wears dresses and heels everyday while effortlessly baking cakes and other goodies in her perfectly sweet retro kitchen. She's really able to create interiors that I just want to walk into and never leave (and not just because of all the cakes and other sweets). Along with her interiors, Janet also paints lovely portraits of women and shoes (Yes, ladies shoes). What are you waiting for? Visit Janet Hill Studios for a sweet feminine escape.


Laura Keller said...

Love these! I could have sworn they were photographs of interiors.. what a talent! I love how she creates these idyllic and feminine interiors that you just wished you could enter... Thanks for sharing!

knitsteel said...

Thanks for sharing her work. It's really wonderful. I love the colors and forms.