Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Every year the Gem Cutters Guild here in Baltimore hosts the Atlantic Coast Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show. It is a show that I've gone to for the past couple of years and get more excited every year waiting for the weekend this show takes place. This show is geared towards true rock hounds, collectors and jewelry designers. This is my one opportunity every year to hunt for the most amazing hand cut stones. Lapidary work (the art of cutting rocks into stones) is truly a craft all it's own. It takes a good eye to find the 'sweet spot' in a slab of stone and polish it into an amazingly smooth jewelry quality stone.

This finished necklace is one of my finds from last year which I still have yet to bring myself to part with.

I found an amazing variety of colors and shapes this year, I can't wait to try some new things out and give these stones the attention they deserve. What I find so fascinating about these stones is that the colors and patterns are all natural, this is how the earth made them. Nothing has been enhanced. Wow.

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tigerlillyshop said...

score! i went this year w/ my five yr old. they had great stuff for kids and we had a fun time sifting through fossils, stones, and gems.