Friday, October 29, 2010

What I'm Working On

Sometimes I have trouble focusing when it comes to making art. The ideas tend to come pretty fast and furious and can be all over the map. If you've ever looked through my Etsy shop you'll probably understand what I mean. In an effort to focus my creative energies, I've spent the last couple of weeks adding new items to 3 of my ongoing series.

I've added some pretty sparkling metallics to my "Out on A Limb" Series

I've added a Hammer to my "Tools of the Trade" series (suggested & inspired by Juliet, the gifted plate-breaker)

Finally I made some sweet winter hats to add to my "Lovin Knit" series.


Juliet said...

I love love love my hammer!

Elisa Shere said...

Your work never ceases to amaze me! Love it all. All of it.

Block Party Press said...

Thanks Ladies!