Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspirations: Eva Zeisel

At the age of 104 (that's right!), designer and potter Eva Zeisel is still rockin' it. Zeisel began her career as a mid-century potter who designed everyday dishware for companies such as Hall, Sears, and Red Wing China to name just a few. These days, she keeps ever so busy collaborating with young companies like Klein Reid and Design Within Reach.

While her pottery is highly collectible, Crate and Barrel has re-issued her 1952 Classic Century line, making beautiful design available to the masses. Thank you, Eva. You are an inspiration.
Written by Sugar Paperie.


Laura said...

Wow 104 years old! Sounds like she's had quite the success in her life as well! Great to see Crate & Barrel showing some appreciation for a true talent! Thanks for shining the spotlight onto Eva today!

Cheryl Brown said...

Exactly what I want to be doing years from now: Doing what I love no matter the age. Wonderful story. Congrads Ms. Zeisel,

TLF said...

Great post! I love Eva Zeisel's work:)