Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Want to be the BEST? The Time is Now!

mica heart art 003
image from I Heart Art kickoff event by tigerlillyshop

We have a lot going on, and after a year break, we are excited to add new members to our group! So read on, for more info!

As a member of BEST, you’ll have access to a large, generous community of experienced Etsy sellers through the Google Group and the opportunity to participate in meetings and workshops to meet up with all of the local crafty folk. (You can work on upping your business game or just hang out!) Your Etsy shop will be accessible through the Shop Local feature on our website, as long as you tag items correctly. You’ll be more visible to the local (and some national) press - many of our members have been contacted through the team for interviews. You’ll have access to craft show resources, like ride-sharing and supply rentals. Plus, we’re pretty fun to hang out with!

Memberships are $40 / year for all new members. (After the first year, you have the option to take on some responsibility for a lesser rate.) Membership will be open from February 2nd- February 16th. Email us today for a link to the membership form!


Abigail Leigh said...

Just sent my email : )

Purple Butterfly Crochet said...

I love this and will share. Thanks for posting.