Monday, February 28, 2011

What Inspires Me: Manhattan's Fashion District

Like many artists, my heart races at the sheer mention of the Big Apple. Sometimes, when I'm feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of the real world, I escape to the anonymous streets of Manhattan where I can stroll and dream endlessly of new products for Sugar Paperie. One of my favorite spots to spend an entire day is the Fashion District. This neighborhood is filled with tiny little shops offering ribbons, trims, buttons, and fabrics. It's easy to get bitten by the creative bug and let your mind soar. And it's healthy for the eyes to feast on such pretty things. M&J Trimming is one of my favorite trim boutiques. I could seriously bring my lunch and spend the day here!

Being surrounded by artists and designers scouting out the perfect button for their newest design is exhilarating. And the fashion business is often an unglamourous labor of love.
After an visually exhausting day of sourcing new materials, I take a break at the Ginger Man for a toasty sandwich and ice cold drink. The good life, indeed.
Written by Sugar Paperie.

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