Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I'm Working on: Tarabu

I'm working on a scrap quilt - a queen-sized one that is royally kicking my butt. I have underestimated every aspect of this quilt: from how long it would take to fussy cut about a million charm squares to the learning curve necessary to make jersey knits play nice with woven shirtings.

This is no ordinary quilt. With the exception of the white sashing and part of the backing, it is comprised entirely of boxer shorts. You heard me: twenty years' worth of novelty boxer shorts.

It started with a bag of fabric that, thankfully, had the waistbands all removed. From there the 5" squares were cut out, fussing around the side seams. Of course some prints were so grand they refused to be cut.

The pattern is a disappearing nine-patch. I gave up on finding a way to truly make all those different years worth of prints play well together and have rigidly compartmentalized them with white sashing.
Currently, it's quilted and awaiting binding. In case you have a smaller bed, this is what over 100 square feet of queen-sized quilt (not comforter) look like when being basted:
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