Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Working On- the littlest bean

as you may know, most of my work is focused around color and felt, two of my favorite things. this year, i wanted to create pops of color that would be perfect to wear in the warmer months. i actually came up with the concept for these necklaces last year, but just finally had the time to make them. i love how they turned out! each little composition is nestled in a metal bezel setting, so it won't feel the least bit warm on your skin, and will look perfect with all of your spring dresses!

dendro necklace
dendro necklace, inspired by tree rings

strata necklace
strata necklace, like layers of earth

lollipop necklace
lollipop necklace (you can see why)

pom necklace
pom necklace

look for some in my shop, and coming soon to shows!


Designs by Leslie said...

How yummy! The lollipop is my favorite.

tarabu said...

I love the strata piece!