Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Finds - Cufflinks

My husband and I find ourselves at a black tie event two or three times a year, with that number slowly climbing as we become more involved in things. So I feel like it's time he makes his look his own! After all, I get to wear a different fabulous dress every time. So I'm doing some cufflink shopping to jazz up his tux! And where better to look for something unique that will really suit his style than Etsy?

The classic look:

I love these sweet heart cufflinks from Waxwing Jewelry. I also love their simple monogrammed links. Elegant!

Nerd pride:
How can you resist Optimus Prime?

Boys love Legos. It's a universal truth, I think. These grown-up Lego cufflinks are delightful.

Sporty guys:

Made from a real football! The only way they could be better for my husband is if Ray Lewis sweated on it himself.

Along the same vein, these baseball cufflinks, with real baseball stitching. Just don't let him start a game of catch with them.

Post written by Jamaila of Anapurna

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