Thursday, April 28, 2011

Twenty Things - Erica Roberts CEK Custom Designs

1. I love makeup and wear it almost every day even if I’m not going anywhere.

2. I used to have nice nails and would do something (painting, filing, etc.) to my nails on a daily basis…now all I do is try to keep the dirt from under my nails after working on jewelry or working in my gardens.

3. I used to hate gardening, but now I love it.

4. I love to chew bubble gum….replacement for cigarettes I guess since I quit smoking 15 years ago.

5. I secretly miss smoking….shhh don’t tell anyone!

6. I am married to my high school sweetheart….he was my senior prom date.

7. I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

8. I am a terrible housekeeper….just ask my husband!

9. I am a procrastinator.

10. I am a registered Republican but in my heart I’m a Libertarian.

11. I love to listen to music really, really loud…especially Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit and Metallica.

12. I dye my hair black….Starry Night is the shade to be exact.

13. I love to wear my combat boots with dresses and skirts.

14. I don’t like to be in big crowds.

15. I love living out in the sticks (Carroll County).

16. I love to wear hats.

17. I have an obsession with messenger bags and am in search of the perfect one on etsy.

18. One of our family’s favorite past times is setting up cans in the back yard and shooting them with bb guns….I did mention we live out in the sticks didn’t I??? I guess we are a little bit red neck!

19. I hate politicians Republicans and Democrats both….they are ruining our country.

20. I hope Donald Trump runs for President in 2010.

written by Erica of CEK Custom Designs

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Kolleen Kilduff said...

I used to hate gardening, too! But now my husband calls me garden hoe!