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Cancer Prevention - 50 Secrets of Worlds Longest Living People

It seems like I read every other day about a study showing this or that will help prevent cancer, or lower the rate of recurrence. As a 1.5 yr breast cancer survivor of a very aggressive form of breast cancer (triple-negative) I read these with much interest. There are no drugs I can take to help be reduce my chance of metastasis except the age old approach of diet, exercise and stress reduction.

Good methods to live by – diet, exercise and stress reduction – good for just about anyone for just about anything.

I like the philosophy to living and eating in this book: 50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People:

This review is from: 50 Secrets of the World's Longest Living People (Paperback)

In this book, the author has interviewed, collated and summarized the living and eating habits and foods of the people who live the longest. The research has been done; the author gives the reasons why these habits work, and the unanimous result from Okinawa, Symi, Campogimele, Hunza, and Bama people are so similar across these disparate cultures that it is scary:

It is that in order to live a long and happy life one must:

Eat five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day; eat until 2/3 full; eat whole grains, buckwheat, brown rice, use hemp, eat meat as a treat; eat lots of nuts and beans; prepare meat properly; use organic goat and sheep cheeses; have an egg occasionally, eat lots of fish; use extra virgin olive oil; use garlic and onions; eat crunchy vegetables, eat sweet potatoes; eat pizza; eat apricots; eat yogurt; berries; eat fermented foods; eat soy the traditional way; eat mushrooms; herbs; go organic, live a stress-free life; have red wine with dinner; drink green tea; drink lots of water; combine foods; fast and meditate from time to time; use vitamin supplements; exercise; get plenty of sunshine; exercise the brain; sit still and do nothing; have faith; sing in the shower; help others; get married or get a dog; avoid the standard American diet; sleep; keep friends; and then put all these things altogether.

Do not eat anything in excess, especially foods with a high glycemic index; avoid fats; don't drink alcohol or smoke; never overeat, or over cook foods, don't eat refined sugar, too much salt, too much meat or diary products, processed foods, too much black coffee, greasy foods or too much butter.

Written by Deb of GlowGirl 16

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tigerlillyshop said...

Great recap! I am rethinking my diet right now!!!